What Vera Sidika Won’t Tell You About Starting a Spa

With a very carefully thought out and onboarding business plan, your spa venture should yield profits. However, this may only occur in a few months after your staff understands the spa operations and are well trained in how each part of the business runs in order to understand their role within it. If executed well, […]

The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Ankara Business in Kenya

What is Ankara? Also known as Africa wax prints or Holland wax, this is a unique type of versatile fabric used to portray the African culture, art, tradition, and history from the textile and fashion industry. The conspicuous fabric is made from 100% cotton, usually colorful with a variant of tribal-like patterns uniformly distributed. This […]

Behind the Scenes of Organic Farming in Kenya

Since ancient times, Organic Farming has been a common practice in Kenya and if you are unfamiliar with the method, it entails gardening techniques and agricultural farming methods which aim at cultivating and raising crops using safe methods that maintain the good health and life of the soil by the use of organic wastes such […]

Earn Ksh.20,000 per day with a Tissue Business

Are you considering starting a tissue paper business in Kenya? If yes, this article will provide you with a detailed business guide in manufacturing, selling, and distributing commercial and consumer tissue paper rolls and napkins used daily across homesteads, hotels, beauty establishments, and offices by administering particular hygiene practices or other natural processes. Tissue Paper […]